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BC Legislature Meets on Petronas Give-Away Bill … NDP Supports Fracking

Citizens interrupted Christy Clark as she spoke in the Legislature on Monday introducing a Bill to sell British Columbia out to Petronas.  Ms. Clark, with the assistance of the NDP, … Continue reading

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The British Columbia Legislature begins sitting Monday July 13 to ratify a landmark ‘Agreement’ between BC and corporate giant Petronas

The Christy Clark agreement locks BC into a decades long tax and royalty plan. The taxes and royalties will be low … so BC will get as little money as … Continue reading

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Christy Clark’s ‘PETRONAS GIVE-AWAY BILL’ goes to B.C. Legislature July 13

British Columbia’s corporate owned media remained silent on Canada Day as one of the most corrupt and undemocratic Bills in B.C. history moves closer to being passed. The people we … Continue reading

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Christy Clark to BC: FRACK YOU

Christy Clark’s Secret Deal with Petronas to be approved in July Legislature meets July 13 …   The BC Legislature will meet July 13 to put into law a secret … Continue reading

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Why is Christy Clark Poisoning British Columbia?

Christy Clark does not work for the people of BC, and nor does she care about us.  Christy works for Corporate Canada, and they will make a lot of money … Continue reading

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Why has Canada declared war on Syria?

SURPRISE!!  Canada is going to war with Syria.    And Canadians are not even being told.  We are being told that this is ‘an expansion of the mission’.  Yes, the mission … Continue reading

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How Harper killed medicare — and got away with it

The Harper government’s anti-democratic actions have been so numerous, it’s easy to lose track of them. READ MORE

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Building a Better Democracy In Canada: Problems and Solutions

I think we have two ‘basic’ problems in Canada: We don’t have a free media in Canada… The Canadian media is owned and controlled by Corporate Canada, and they’ve turned … Continue reading

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Citizen’s Forum with Jack Etkin Oct 8 2014

Canada Citizen’s Forum is one experimental instance of “The New Media.” It hopes to attract people who wish to contribute to their communities whilst providing them a space to expand … Continue reading

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Corporate Capitalism has Failed Us; It’s Time to Find Another Way to Run Our Economy and Our Society

Millions losing jobs and homes as corporations prosper People are trying their best, as we always do, but there are big problems in our society. The gap between rich and … Continue reading

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